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Personal Retreat Accommodations
For facilities that offer overnight accommodations for guests to hold their own personal retreat. These accommodations can include meals, services such as spiritual direction or massage, or it can just be a bed with four walls. NOTE that date specific retreats and yoga teacher training retreats are considered Event listings rather than Personal Retreat listings. Note: Complimentary level listings are for spiritual and healing based non-profit organizations only. Please see details and email us to ask if you qualify before placing your order.
Centers for Rent for Group Retreats
For organizations that rent out their center for groups to hold their own retreats. Centers should have group meeting space and overnight accommodations (or access to overnight accommodations). Note: Complimentary level listings are for spiritual and healing based non-profit organizations only. Please see details and email us to ask if you qualify before placing your order.
Employment and Volunteer Positions
For retreat centers seeking personnel for paid or volunteer labor, full or part time. Once you have your account, you can create UNLIMITED Job listings.

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Please tell us about the retreat you wish to advertise with us. If you wish to list more than one retreat please explain in the Comments section below. If you wish to take advantage of our Dual Purchase discount and/or have different names or locations for your Personal Retreat and Center for Rent please note this in the Comments section. Note that the information given below may be easily changed/updated once your listing is created.

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