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Listing Details

Listing are easy to create. Just check some boxes and type a bit of descriptive text. If you change your mind later, simply login to the site and update your listing.

Website Link: A hotlink to your website.
Email Link: A hotlink to your email address for the potential guest to contact you directly.
All Categories: All the details of the listing including: activities (yoga, meditation, hiking, private retreats, etc), accommodations type (BandB, tent, etc), environment (beach, woods, etc), food (vegetarian, shared kitchen, etc), and many, many more!
Description: Appearing on the Overview tab this text is written in paragraph form and used to describe your retreat with many wonderful and enticing words. The Short length is 500 characters (including spaces and invisible characters). The Long length is 1500 characters (including spaces and invisible characters).
Images: These are the 1 to 2 images that appear at the header of your listings. See Image Specs below for more details.

Banner Ad: The ad images rotate randomly at the top of the most used pages of Retreat Finder. When website users click on your ad, they bypass the search functions of the site and go directly to your listing on Retreat Finder. See Image Specs below for more details.

Listing Stats: In your member area you can view each listing's monthly totals for listing views, website links, and banner ad clicks.

Listing Length

Listings prices are per year of listing. All listings last for one year (Event listings last for one year or until the beginning date of the event, whichever is sooner).

Data Entry and Access to Information

Members have full access to all of the information included in their listing via the Retreat Finder website. The ability to modify or exchange images is the only exception. Members are required to enter all of the information for the listing and to authorize the listing and the images for publishing to the web. The listings will not display on the web until you mark them to do so.

After submitting a Listing Order form, members receive a user name, password and directions for data entry. Access to member listings is gained through the Log In page. Data entry may begin immediately upon receipt of user information.

The use of HTML tags such as bold, italics, font, color, list, image, links, table, etc are prohibited from use within the listings in order to maintain graphic uniformity across the site.

Image Specs

Listing Images

Images that appear with each listing are 150 pixels by 150 pixels at 72 pixels per inch, saved as JPG with Medium quality and progressive format.

Images may be submitted via email.

If submitted images need modification to meet Retreat Finder requirements, Retreat Finder will perform minor modifications for free. Images submitted for modification by Retreat Finder should be in TIF, JPG, EPS or PSD format.

Replacement images submitted after the final review and authorization of the listing will be subject to a small fee for processing.

Deluxe Banners

Deluxe Banner images are 120 pixels by 120 pixels at 72 pixels per inch including a one pixel black border. Images may be submitted in the same manner as above.

- All images should have: the name and location (generally City and State) of the Facility or Event as part of the image.
-Event listngs must also include the date of the event.
-Center for Rent listings must include the words "Center for Rent" across the bottom of the image, preferrably across a black or solid color border.
-Retreat Proprty for Sale listings should include the words "For Sale" as part of the image.


Membership in Retreat Finder is free and open to organizations and individuals that offer personal and group retreats of a spiritual, healing or creative nature, and facilities that offer space for rent to hold group retreats such as:

retreat centers, conference centers, monasteries, ashrams, guest houses,
cottages, cabins, spas, bed and breakfasts,
and yoga teachers, meditation teachers, spiritual guides, etc

All applications for listings are reviewed for their appropirateness to the intent of the site. Retreat Finder reserves the right to deny applications for any reason. In addition it may remove complimentary or dated listings from the site at any time.


Cancellations received within 30 days of the issuance of the password to the listing will be cancelled without charge. Cancellations received after 30 days after the issuance of the password to the listing may be offered a prorated refund minus 50% of the listing fee.

Membership Agreement

All listings on the site are subject to the Membership Agreement. Requesting a listing on the site or accessing your listings on the site constitutes agreement with the Membership Agreement.

For more information:

If you have questions, or would like further information about listing your retreat, please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you.

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