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Retreat Finder offers Results:

It is a joy to work with your company...I believe the link to our website for your searches is a very big part of all the new business we are having. We are so delighted to have you as a part of our marketing.
--Cyndy, Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center. June 2019

Retreat Finder has been a great help/asset--many new participants have found our retreats here.
--Kathleen, Full Circle Retreat.

I got a registration from a referral on RetreatFinder.com within a week of the info going up on the site.
--Linda Roggli, Passionate Possibility, Inc.

Thanks Alec, for your great suggestions to maximize the exposure for Peace Village on RetreatFinder.com.  You are always so helpful and your site is so user friendly -- it's easy for people to find the retreats that suit their needs and we get great results!
--Linda, Peace Village

Our event went very well, and two of the participants were a direct response to your newsletter...along with three interested folks who want to come if it is offered at a more convenient time.
--April Allison, Leaven Center

You are a top producer for us.
--Patricia A. Brown, Bryn Mawr Mt. Retreat/Conference

Things here are wonderful and busy and definitely Retreat Finder has played an important role in making that our reality!  
--Rachel Ginther, The Garden at Thunder Hill ~ A Center for Spiritual Evolution

I have had very good response from my listing with you… your listing has definitely raised our visibility on the internet.
--Ellen Nadeau,Hidden Valley Artist Retreat

It [RetreatFinder] is a blessing for us and many other retreat centers
--Robert Fuste, Still Waters

The services you offer for "traditional" spiritual retreat centers is outstanding, and we commend you for the RetreatFinder program. Before our reorganization, many spiritual practitioners found Embracing Simplicity Hermitage through your listings, and came to us to develop and deepen their spiritual practice.
-- Kaye Meckley, Embracing Simplicity Hermitage

Thank you for the excellent service RetreatFinder provides!
-- Mark Werlin, Mercy Center Burlingame


Retreat Finder focuses on Customer Service:

I have been working with four sites similar to RetreatFinder and yours is BY FAR the most user friendly and intuitive site I have found. Thank you for designing it so well. I have spent way too much time on poorly developed sites. Retreat Finder is Wonderful!
-- Kristy L. Sweetland, The Mandala Center

Alec Franklor of RetreatFinder is a gem!  RetreatFinder is easy to use, but I didn't have much time.  Alec was extremely helpful, providing assistance and follow-up at every step of the way.  This made my experience of setting up a listing on RetreatFinder not only incredibly easy, but a pleasure. 
--Heather Okvat, Awakenings International LLC

As marketing person for our previous joint venture, I have very much appreciated your prompt and professional service over the past years and hope that I will have the opportunity to work with you again.
--Sara, Aquaest Retreat

In the world of advertising and promotions, it is wonderful to feel a real connection to someone who listens.  We feel very blessed.
-- Doreen and Katherine, Speaking Quest

Since RetreatFinder's inception, I've gotten a number of requests from other similar sites to consider using their services. Your immediate attention to situations like our broken link is one of the reasons I'm still very satisfied and happy with RetreatFinder.
--Thrinley DiMarco, Sakya Kachod Choling

Thank you so much for all of the fabulous work you did! I can't believe you picked the perfect images, and the description you wrote is right on!  I appreciate the fast turnaround and am looking forward to good things here!
--Carol Moore,The Monroe Institute

We are very impressed with what you have created and very glad we have made the connection with you. Thank you so much for your assistance and generosity in helping us create our listing with you.  You did such a beautiful job in listing the retreat!  The banner you created for us is just fine, and the description of the program is wonderful.
--Doreen and Katherine, Speaking Quest

Thank you for making this so easy!
--Deb Engle, GoldenTree Communications

Your site has been the easiest to use.
-- Sarah Wood

Thank you for your good care. I appreciate your reliability and nice work.
--Filip Marceron, Angels Valley

Thank you for your guidance. I followed your instructions and of course everything became clear and the listing looks great! You have a great site and great service.
-- Lynn, JoyDancer

You've been more than pleasant to work with.
-- Alexa K. Hokanson, Sedona Resorts

Great customer support and speedy follow-through.
-- Doug, Bend of Ivy Lodge

Feedback from Users of Retreat Finder:

Thank you for your wonderful helpful site... it helped me find what I was most looking for.
-- Mari Cammarano

I've used your website several times, and have found it very helpful.
-- Emily Schildkrout

I absolutely love your website. It is very clean and direct! Some of the other retreat directories are very confusing to navigate...thank you.
-- Dionne, Arnica Institute


Feedback from Advertisers on Retreat Finder:

I must say that your website is very user friendly....even for those of us who are way behind our children in computer knowledge!  I love the banner that you made.
-- Karen Rosenberg, Isla Womens Retreat

I believe you offer a quality opportunity for many.
-- Alexa K. Hokanson, Sedona Resorts

Very glad to be represented with you. 
--Sara, Waterjourneys

You have a simply beautiful, easy to navigate site.
-- Doug, Bend of Ivy Lodge

You provide a great service.
-- Heidi Ash, Midwest Retreat House

I’m thrilled with the site. We’re grateful for the posting on RetreatFinder.com
-- Katie Earley, Saint Gabriel’s Spiritual Center for Youth

Thanks again for the great service and web site you provide. 
-- Ellen Nadeau, Hidden Valley Artist Retreat

You are a valuable resource.
-- Johanna Maheshvari, Sedona Spirit Yoga

I found your website very clear, easy and pleasant to use.
-- Kathleen, Full Circle Retreat

I am so thankful for this website.  I was very happy with the wonderful service Retreat Finder offers, and now I'll be a life-long, card-carrying member! 
-- Maggie Butler, Certified Retreat Coach

You provide a good service.
-- Sarah Janes, Golden Willow Retreat

You are doing a great service and I am grateful for you.
-- Helene Van Manen MCC Master Certified Coach, Retreat Coaches



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The Guardian
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Travel Revue
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Congretional Resource Guide
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AARP Magazine (the world's largest circulation magazine) featured Retreat Finder in its article
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